The Great Mask Debate

If we’ve learned anything this year, and especially this week it’s that wearing a mask works. Wear it right, wear it proud and keep it clean.

The Great Mask Debate


Hello, there! “The more you Jo,” has been inspired by my middle name, Jo, and a clever spin-off to “your morning cup of Joe.” Well, at least I think it’s clever. 😅 Anyhow, I wanted to make a website that people could use as a forum to discuss common topics.. and I wanted to make it very CLEAR that it would be a judgment-free zone, in order to allow people to be open and honest and really get into conversation where it counts! Come opinionated, PLEASE!! This isn’t Facebook, therefore IT IS OKAY! 🙃 I want to open a more acceptable forum for strictly having conversations, debates, discussing common questions and knowledge, or whatever the case may be— but I just wanted it to be ONLY about that and not Facebook or Instagram photos and likes and yada yada! Everyone can come here (hopefully-when the site gets big enough and word of mouth will hopefully travel to get this going) but I just feel that we all need a safe space to have open communication about whatever it is that we need to. With all judgment aside (and, please try to come here with an open mind and without your heart or emotions on your sleeve, preferably)—But.. with that said, I will not tolerate downright rudeness, racism, name-calling, etc. We are all adults, here. We know how and CAN ALL BEHAVE.. right? We know how to be polite and still honest and open and opinionated in order to have efficient debates and hopefully everyone can gain some knowledge, answers possibly, and if nothing else- some fun or entertainment, at the very least. So.. just as it sounds.. EVERYONE JOIN IN HERE AT “the more you jo!” Let’s DISCUSS!!! AND JUST REMEMBER FOLKS, let’s leave the CUSS out of DISCUSS. 😉☺️🙃🤪🤓😎 —MJ

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